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SodaStream Recalls 51K Bottles For Possible Explosion Hazard

FCA Recalls 69K Vehicles

Sargento Expands Cheese Recall And Cuts Ties With Supplier

Class Action Suit Over Odwalla's Sugar Labeling Moves Forward

676K Strollers Recalled After 26 Children Injured

More Dog Food Recalled Over Euthanasia Drug Contamination

Lawsuit Claims Walmart's Craft Beer Isn't Really Craft Beer

Sargento Recalls Several Cheese Products Over Listeria Fears

Another Dog Food Maker Issues Recall Over Potential Health Risk

Arby's Suffers Data Breach; Hundreds of Thousands Accounts Compromised

Judge Orders 5-hour Energy To Pay $4.3M For Deceptive Advertising

FTC Says Vizio Smart TVs Were Spying On Consumers

Dog Food Recalled Over Deadly Contamination Threat

2016 Was A Banner Year For Identity Theft

How To Dispute Errors On Credit Reports

Diabetes Patients File Class Action Lawsuit Against Insulin Makers

NY State Reaches Settlement With DeVry Over Deceptive Advertising

Authorities Warn Consumers About New Telephone Scam

Hatchimal Owners File Class Action Lawsuit After Toys Don't Hatch

6 Tips For Avoiding Student Loan Trouble

Why Cell Phones Could Be Next Big Privacy Issue For Consumers

79% of Apps Put Consumers' Personal Information At Risk

Sierra Nevada Issues Massive Beer Recall Spanning 36 States

Feds Sue Nation's Largest Student Loan Servicer For Cheating Borrowers

Drug Maker To Pay $100M To Settle FTC Probe On Drug Pricing

CPSC Issues Federal Safety Standards For Baby Sling Carriers

Consumers Hitting Wells Fargo Where It Hurts

Study Links Consumer Overconfidence And Phishing Scam Success

Takata To Pay $1B And Plead Guilty Over Defective Airbags

Ford Adds More Than 800K Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall

Honda Motor Co. Recalls An Additional 772K Vehicles For Airbag Issues

Government Lawsuit Says Prevagen Can't Back Its Claims

Lawsuit Alleges Coca-Cola Misled Consumers With Deceptive Marketing

Report: Consumers Paying A Fortune In Hidden Fees

Video: Understanding Your Rights When It Comes To Debt Collectors

Popular Canned Cat Foods Recalled Over Health Concerns

Major Credit Bureaus To Pay For Deceiving Consumers

FTC Bans Eukanuba From Making Claims About Helping Dogs Live Longer  

Comcast Loses Bid To Have Deceptive Charges Lawsuit Dismissed

Are Banks Getting Rich Off Your Overdraft Fees?

A New Report Shows Who Charity Fundraising Dollars Really Go To

Ikea Settles Dresser Death Lawsuit For $50M

BBB's Ranking Of Top 10 Consumer Scams Of 2016

Federal Agencies Want New Rules For Connected Cars

American Airlines Fined For Violating DOT’s Tarmac Rules

What Consumers Need To Know About 0% Auto Financing

DeVry Agrees To $100M Settlement For Deceptive Advertising Lawsuit

Yahoo Announces Another Data Breach. This Is What Consumers Should Do.

Should Consumers Purchase Extended Warranties?

Cuisinart Recalls More Than 8M Food Processors

Major Retailers Sued For Deceptive Pricing

FTC Warns Consumers About Missed Delivery Scam

AT&T To Pay Out $88M in Refunds Over Mobile Craming Scam

Use of Private Student Loans Drops

Consumer Groups Raise Concerns About Internet-Connected Toys

Video: One Credit Card Security Tip That Is Just A Myth

Ford Recalls 680K Vehicles

New Malware Infects 13K Android Phones Each Day

Wells Fargo Pushing To Settle Claims In Arbitration

3 Children’s Homeopathic Medicines Recalled

Amex To Increase Late Fees In January

Cyber Monday: 5 Ways Consumers Can Protect Their Personal Information

Chipotle Accused of Misleading Consumers About Nutrition Information

Toy Safety Group Releases '10 Worst Toys of 2016'

Sabra Hummus Products Recalled Across U.S. And Canada

Video: Understanding Credit Card Agreements

FCC Warns Consumers About New Phone Scam

Bed Bath & Beyond Pulls Fake Egyptian Cotton Sheets From Stores

Dodge Ram Owners File Class Action Alleging Emissions Cheating

Find Out If You're Eligible For Part Of A Class Action Settlement

Tesla Ends Free Unlimited Use of Superchargers For New Car Buyers

MyPillow To Pay $1M Settlement In Deceptive Advertising Suit

WalMart Hit With Lawsuit Over Sale of Fake Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Fourth Child's Death Linked to IKEA's Recalled Dressers

Consumers Now Buying More Online Rather Than In Stores

Wen Class Action Lawsuit Gets Preliminary Settlement Approval 

Food Fraud Costs Consumers Billions Each Year

Why You Should Always Read The Fine Print Before Agreeing to 0% Financing

CFPB Issues New Protections For Prepaid Credit Card Users

FTC Shuts Down Telemarketing Scam Aimed at Seniors and Veterans

FCC Takes New Steps to Protect Consumer Online Privacy

Watchdogs Urge FTC To Crackdown On Influencer Marketing Aimed at Kids

Many Apple Chargers Sold On Amazon Are Fakes

Should You Open a Store Credit Card Account?

White House Wants New Rules to Protect Air Travelers

T-Mobile To Pay $48 Million For Misleading Consumers About Data Plan

Nursing Homes File Lawsuit To Ban Patients From Taking Them To Court

DeVry University Must Stop Making Claims About Graduates' Job Success

Honda Issues Recall of 2016 Civic

Video: Why Consumers Must Buy New Cars From Franchised Dealers

Comcast Fined 2.3 Million For Mischarging Consumers

New Class Action Lawsuit Claims Naked Juice Misleads Consumers

How Payment History Affects Your Credit Score

Samsung Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7

UnitedHealth Accused of Overcharging Customers for Prescription Drugs

Spotify Ads Infected Users' Devices With Malware

FDA Warns Parents About Homeopathic Teething Products

Agencies Ban Together To Stop International Mass Mail Fraud

10 Mega-Companies Control the Bulk of Food Brands We Buy

Why Do We Pay So Much For Glasses?

7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Personal Data Online

GE Recalls Top-Loading Washers

Does Your Car Perform Better on Premium Gasoline?

Consumers Hit Welspun With Class Actions Over Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Deleting Your Personal Data Isn't Enough to Keep It Safe

Congress Wants Big Pharma To Justify Price Increases

Traffic Jams Cost American Workers Hundreds Each Year

Could Arbitration Clauses Keep Wells Fargo’s Customers Out of Court?

Consumers May Soon Pay More For Gas – If They Can Get It at All

New Class Action Claims Nature Valley Products Aren’t All That Natural

Truffle Oil Is A Scam

Consumers Want Honesty – And Are Willing To Pay For It

New Report Shows Many Consumers Are Unhappy With Their Banks

Is Egyptian Cotton Really Better?

Wells Fargo To Pay $185M In Fines For Years of Harm to Consumers

ITT Tech Shuts Down After Federal Crackdown

Fraudsters Targeting New Yorkers with Vermin Control Scam

FDA Cracks Down on Antibacterial Soap

Is Now the Right Time To Buy a New Car?

Can Food Be Taken Through Airport Security?

It's Not Just the EpiPen – Consumers Paying Way More for Insulin Too

Mylan To Offer Generic EpiPen After Consumer Outrage

Telecom Giants and FCC Teaming Up To Stop Robocalls

Tons of Produce Wasted Each Year Just Because It's Ugly

Do You Know What Actually Influences Your Credit Score?

Study Finds More Banks Using Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

EpiPen Price Increase Is A Major Problem For Allergy Sufferers

Survey: 17,000 Babies Hurt in Strollers and Carriers Annually

Video: Does Your Sunscreen Meet Its SPF Claims?

Are You Saving Enough for Healthcare Costs in Retirement?

Prevent Credit Card Fraud By Looking Out For ATM Skimmers

Video: Watch Out for ATM Skimmer Scams

Experts Say Consumers May Experience More Airline Outages

Lower Your Cable Bill by Cutting the Cord

AT&T Fined Millions for Billing Scam

IRS Warns Consumers to Watchout for Scams This Summer

Starbucks Recalls 2.5 Million Straws

Scammers Capitalizing On Zika Fears With Ineffective Products

New Tool Helps You Find the Best Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

5 Tips for Determining if Food Products Contain GMOs

CFPB Proposes New Rules for Debt Collectors

Law Requires Labeling of GMO Foods

Are You Buying Rancid Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

5 Ways to Save on Airline Baggage Fees

Feds Say Baggage Fees Must be Refunded for Late Bags

FDA Issues Safety Alert About WEN Hair Products

New Email Scam Preys on the Religious

New Research:  American Consumers More Conservative with Their Money

Thousands of Pounds of Food Added to P.F. Chang's Recall

CFPB Celebrates Five Years of Standing Up for Consumers

Beware of Student Loan Repayment Scams

5.4 Million Bottles of Liquid-Plumr Recalled

Pokemon Go Raises Concerns Over Personal Information Security

More Products Swept Up in General Mills Flour Recall

5 Ways to Keep Your Personal Information Safe

An End to Ransomware Threats?

Galaxy S7 Active Not Living Up to Manufacturer's Claims

Wendy's Data Breach Significantly Larger Than Previously Reported

500,000 Hoverboards Recalled Over Major Safety Concerns

John Oliver Tells Us What We Need to Know About Retirement Plans

Used Car Dealer CarFax Faces Class Action Suit For Unfair Pricing

Consumers Should Be Concerned About Fish Fraud

Group Issues Important Toy Safety Warning

IKEA Recalls Millions of Products After the Deaths of 6 Children

Ticketmaster Class Action Settlement for Excessive and Deceptive Fees

New Rules Overhaul Student Debt Forgiveness Process

WhatsApp Gold Service Scam Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Don't Fall for Multi-Level Marketing Scams

Beware of Credit Repair Scams

Prevent Identity Theft With These Password Safety Tips

Why You Should Never Email Your Social Security Number

Wendy's Data Breach Impacts More Restaurants

Beware of Charity Scams After Tragedy Strikes

The True Cost of Payday Loans

Does The IRS Owe You Interest?

The Problem of American Debt

Health Technology Company Hit with Class Action Suit Alleging Fraud

Dutch Companies Linked to Scams That Ripped Off Elderly Americans

What Food Sell By Dates Really Mean

Scam Alert: Fraudsters Now Want iTunes Cards

Fighting Medical Billing Errors

Pacific Cycle Recalls Infant Bike Helmets Over Choking Hazards

The Real Costs of Credit Card Fraud

General Mills Issues Flour Recall Over Possible E.coli Link

Former Con Man Offers Important Security Tips

Scammers Already Competing In the Rio Olympics

Know Your Rights When Fighting a Billing Error

NJ Contractor In Trouble Over Shoddy Home Repairs

Hawaii Becomes the First State to Sue Takata Over Faulty Airbags

Zero Rated Charity Gives Less Than 2% Of Earnings To Veterans

Bank Teller Or Identity Thief?

Sunflower Seed Recall Over Possible Listeria Contamination

Fiat Chrysler Issues 1.1 Million Vehicle Auto Recall

FTC Cracking Down On “All Natural” Skincare Claims

Study: Telemarketers Pocket Most Of What They Solicit for Charities

Kia Recalls Optimas To Repair Airbags

Gasoline Prices Are Looking Good For This Summer's Driving Season

Volvo's T8 SUV at the Center of a New Class Action Lawsuit

Consumers Are Using Credit Cards More Often

New Rule Would Allow Class Action Lawsuits Against Banks

Be An Informed Consumer With This Food Fraud Infographic

Johnson & Johnson Loses Lawsuit Over Talcum Powder Causing Cancer

Online Discounts Turn Out To Be Overinflated List Prices

Quaker Oats 100% Natural Claim Under Question

New Law Could Void Telecom Arbitration Clauses

How to Find Out if You're Owed a Life Insurance Payment

Retailers Are Slow To Adopt Chip-Enabled Payment Terminals

Credit Card Fraud and The Underground Russian Economy

SMiShing Scams Are On The Rise

Taxpayers Screwed in Goldman Sachs Settlement

Financial Fraud in the Digital Age

Life Insurance Agencies Accused of Not Paying Beneficiaries

Tiny Motors Power a New Way to Cheat In Pro Cycling

Ex-Furniture Company Exec Pleads Guilty in $18M Loan Fraud

Courts Score Card: More Class Action Losses For Big Business?

Wall Street Exec Accused of Scamming Charity Out of $95 Million

20 NJ Gym’s Fined in Statewide Crackdown Over Member Contracts

John Oliver Takes Credit Reporting Agencies to Task

Knowledge is Power When Facing Debt Collectors

Uber CEO Faces Price Fixing Lawsuit

Don’t Get Your Heart Broken By A Sweetheart Scam

Broker Fraud Prevention Tips for Seniors

Timberwolves Sued In Class Action Lawsuit

Anheuser Busch Sued Over Deceptive Packaging

Class-Action Supporters Get A Huge Victory When The Supreme Court Upholds $5.8 Million Award Against Tyson Foods

Lawsuit Claims Starbucks is Under Filling Its Lattes

Elderly Woman Loses Life Savings to Phone Scam

Morgan Stanley Is Penalized $35 Million For Advisor Fraud

11 Worst Countries for Credit Card Fraud

A New Way to Save Thousands on Your Medical Bills

The IRS Lists Its 'Dirty Dozen' Tax scams For 2016

Natural Food Labels Continue to Deceive Consumers

IRS Issues Phone Scam Warning

Walmart Coding Error Causes Data Breach

Debt Collection Tops the FTC’s List of 10 Consumer Complaints for 2015

The FCC Wants to Tighten Privacy Rules for Internet Service Providers

Senator Questions Inflated Flight Fuel Surcharges

Telemarketer in Trouble for 1.3 Million Illegal Robocalls

Unlocking an iPhone is Child’s Play

Walmart Sued Over Wood Pulp in Parmesan Cheese

The CFPB has Fined Citibank Over Illegal Debt Collections and Sales

Customers Cheated By Contractors, Is Yours on the List?

How Secure is Apple Pay?

Chip Credit Cards Are Still Vulnerable

The Top 10 Consumer Fraud Complaints in NY

Six of 13 IRS-Approved Tax Preparers Fail To Adequately Protect Consumer Data

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Anthem of the Seas Passenger Files Suit Against Royal Caribbean

Will the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Put an End to Forced Arbitration?

Lawsuit Alleges Fitbit Fails to Accurately Measure Heartbeat

How to Fight Zombie Debt

Fraud Allegations at Dozens of Liberty Tax Franchises

Are You Signing Away Your Parent’s Right To Sue Their Nursing Home?

Lumber Liquidators Floors Cancer Risk is 3 Times Higher Than Previously Reported

Starbucks Customers Are Furious Over Changes to Rewards Program

Justice Department Probes Possible Pain Cream Fraud

'Error 53' Means Your Expensive iPhone is now a Brick

The Parmesan Cheese You Love To Sprinkle On Your Pasta May Contain Wood Pulp

Online Home Business Coaches May Not Be What They Seem

Be Wary of Huge Sales and Discounts

The Overwhelming Costs of Mental Health

Are You the Unwitting Middleman to a Global Crime Ring?

Dunkin' Donut Stores Allegedly Overcharged Customers in NY & NJ By $14 Million Over Three Years

Rampant Olive Oil Fraud: Your EVOO Isn’t What You Think

Bill Aims to Restore Consumer Rights and Limit the Use of Arbitration

The Treasury Department is Warning Taxpayers About a Frightening Fraud Scam

Toyota Motor Credit to Pay Nearly $22 Million for Discriminatory Lending

Florida Leads the Nation In Identity Theft

What Type of People Fall for Investment Scams?

4 Common methods of Ad Fraud

FTC Has Filed Suit Against DeVry University for False Advertising

Sallie Mae Must Repay Millions To Student Loan Borrowers

Exposing Deceptive Natural Food Labels

How Investment Fraud Destroyed a Retired Teacher’s Savings

Too Big to Fail In One Astonishing Chart

A Supreme Court Victory for Average Americans

After a Storm; Beware of Scams

Apple Sued Over iPhone Flaws

GM Sued Over Misrepresentation of Towing Capacity

Lawsuit Alleges Popular EOS Lip Balm Causes Blisters and Rashes

Common Senior Scams to Look Out For in 2016

Class action lawsuits filed against the NFL and DirecTV are moving to California federal court

Oracle Must Clean Up Its Notoriously Insecure Software

How Much is That Doggy in the Window? Online Puppy Scams

BMW Class Action Suit Nears Completion

Lumosity Hit With $2M Fine By The FTC

Judge Blesses BMW's Mini Cooper Class Settlement

File Taxes Early to Avoid Identity Theft

VW Scandal Tops the List of 2015 Consumer News

Tax Refund Fraud Detection Saved New Jersey $82M

Hoverboard Safety Concerns

Is Your New Gadget Hackable?

Hundreds of Women Join Class Action Lawsuit Against WEN

Debt Buyers Are Having Their Cake and Eating It Too

Martin Shkreli: The Most Hated Man in America

Blue Buffalo To Pay $32 Million

Hoodwinked: Top Ten Scams of 2015

Consumer Protection Unit Promises Tougher Criminal Enforcement

Consumer Protection Bill Signed Into Law

Consumer Protection Division Warns of Caller ID Scam

Fake Out: Fraud Rampant in China’s Anti-Counterfeiting Fight

What To Do When Debt Collectors Won’t Stop Calling

As The Economy Improves, Consumer Protections Go By The Wayside

$4 Billion a Year Saved in Gotcha Fees

Senior Scams Everyone Should Avoid

Gerber’s Not So Good Start

One Student’s Story of Student Loan Debt

Tis The Season For Cyber Fraud

It Is Time To End Forced Arbitration

What To Do Before You Talk To An Insurance Representative

BMW Settles Mini Cooper Lawsuit

Efforts to Rein In Arbitration Are Being Attacked Full Force

Protein Cheerios: A Lawsuit Claims It Misleads Consumers

Democrats Propose an End to Mandatory Arbitration

Companies with Forced Arbitration Clauses

Arbitration Clauses on the Rise

Can Social Media Affect Your Credit Score?

Lying Debt Collectors Deceive the Vulnerable

The Great Cheese Conspiracy

The Costs of a Data Breach

The Online Hotel Booking Scam

CFPB's Proposal to Curb Arbitration - What it Means for You

Boarding Pass Barcode Bingo

Consumers Have the Right to Complain Freely

CFPB Weighs Axing Class Action Bans In Arbitration Clauses

Experian's Data Breach is a Wake Up Call

5 Likely Problems with New Chip Credit Cards

Hackers Took Fingerprints of 5.6 Million Federal Employees

VW Emission Deception Follows Auto Industry Pattern

Credit Score Confusion

Grandparent Scam Adds Insult to Injury

Understanding Blender Horsepower: Did You Get What You Paid For?

6 Smart Ways to Avoid Bank Fees

Further Information on Chipotle's Health Claims

New Lawsuit Says Chipotle is Not GMO-Free

How Your Pay-TV Provider Makes More $ Off of You

Bizarre House-Napping Scheme New Way to Commit Mortgage Fraud

Chinese Hackers Attack Travel Industry

Beware Dating-Site Scammers

A Bad Credit Score Can Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

Monitor and Defend Your Credit

DirecTV Heading to Trial for False Advertising

How Healthcare Data Breaches Affect You & What You Can Do About It

Stronger Military Lending Act Provides Better Protection

T.J. Maxx Sued Over Deceptive Price Tags

Adultery-Dating Website Hacked

But Wait, There's More! TeleBrands Reaches Settlement

New Facebook Scam - Don't Be Fooled

45 Years for Cancer Doctor Fraud

Time Warner Ordered to Pay Big for Wrong-Number Robocalls

FTC Cracks Down on Massive Payday Loan Fraud Scheme

Is Shopping at Small Businesses Safer?

House Bill Aims to Wipe Out Class Actions

Unlike a Virgin (Olive Oil, That Is)

NJ Jury Finds Gay Conversion Therapy Guilty of Fraud

Whole Foods Under Investigation for Overcharging

Couple Sues After Inheriting Stalker With New House

Banks Can Double-Cash Your Checks. Who Pays? You.

The FBI's Biggest Medicare Fraud Takedown

Basketball Star Tim Duncan Lost $20 M to Crooked Adviser

Neurosurgeon Performed Unneeded Surgeries

"Romance" Tops Internet Crimes List

Retailers Accused of Fake Discounts

6 Ways to Fight Cybercrime - Small Business Edition

Food Fraud

Cancer Charities Accused of Fraud

Some Hospitals Inflating Cost of Treatment

Japanese Cybercriminals Targeting iPhone Users

Phony Debt Collection Scam Shut Down

Timeshare Resale Scam

Nice Weather Ushers In Home Improvement Scams

Herbal Fraud

Debt Collectors Caught Sending Illegal Texts

IRS Data Breach Awards Refunds to Thieves

There's No Such Thing as Free Money

Takata Airbag Recall

The Shady World of Campus Debit Cards

Woman Wins $83 Million in Debt Collection Lawsuit

Cyber Scams - Sophisticated and Dangerous

Student Loan Servicers in CFPB Probe

Law 101: Class Action Lawsuits

NJ Courts Favor the 'Little Guy'

Mortgage Relief Scam

Starting Over Financially

Doctors' Financial Interests May Not Be in Patients' Best Interests

Crowdsource Your Lawsuit

Once More Into the Breach with Uber

Fighter Pacquiao Named in Fraud Class Action

Crooked Financial Adviser Charged in $20M Fraud

The New Legislation That Threatens Your Civil Rights

The 3 Most Dangerous Forms of Identity Theft

Overdraft Fees Can Cost You

Don't Put Yourself at Risk When Apartment Hunting

What Your Driver's License Says About You

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